Driver CPC Training.

What is driver CPC?

Driver CPC stands for the Certificate of Professional Competence. Periodic training is for those who are continuing their professional development for coach, bus and lorry drivers. The amount of training that is required for all drivers is 35 hours and the minimum requirement is 7 hours per training course. Every training course must be approved by JAUPT, the competent authority for the delivery of periodic training. The 7 hours does not include breaks or any administration time, those 7 hours must be training. CPC is to improve the knowledge of drivers. There are no exams involved in the training but for the trainer it is important to make sure those who have attended the course have benefited. 

Courses tailored to your needs

The courses that are offered are:

Driver essentials which is a tachograph drivers hours legislation course.

Professional driver is a speed hazard awareness drink & drug driving course.

SAFED Safe and Efficient Driving.

First Aid at Work + F will be on offer as of February 2015, which my daughter Rebecca will be taking. The "F" being the Forestry Commission mimimum standard for First Aid. All contractors working for the Forestry Commission must have this qualification before entering onto Commission land.

The courses are approved and will always learn something!

Training today for tomorrow's skills

With the law's of the land continually changing especially in the road haulage industry we at Solway Training Services make sure you as a driver are equipped today for tomorrow's legislation.